About Us

This is Total Sales & Marketing!

Total Sales & Marketing designs, manufactures, and imports custom products for use in sales promotion and brand development. Since 1986 we have worked closely with thousands of customers from Fortune 100 companies to first-year start-ups. Our customers benefit from our experience, product knowledge, and commitment.

From compliance in our systems, diversity training and hiring, to empowering our employees, we work ethically towards making our company successful.

Our clients trust us—a confidence that we take seriously.

Industry-Best Service

Our internal meetings, casual conversations, and supplier discussions all focus on how we can provide the best products and services possible. We don’t say “industry-best” without having the track record to back it.

Customer’s Needs

We work hard getting to know our customer’s culture and people. Our knowledge and experience shows in every phone call answered, every order processed, and every problem avoided. We provide our customers with a road map that leads to their success.

Our Employees

No company can be successful without dedicated and knowledgeable employees. From our customer care team through our production and shipping staff, we value every employee. This strong internal culture helps build our external relationships with customers like you.